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Registration fee is just $199 per team!

First and Second Place Teams will receive medals.

All teams play at least three games.

Sensible scheduling means you won't be at the fields all day!!

Register with confidence...Registration fees fully refunded if we do not get enough teams to make a division.

Rosters do not need to be finalized until the day of the tournament.

Use the link above for 5V5 rules.

Kris Schemm

Tournament Director

Roster size is

10 players max!

Norwin Open

Save the Date! The Norwin Open 5V5 Tournament is scheduled for Saturday, July 18, 2020. Registration will open in the spring!

Boyce Park Summer Classic

Mark your calendars for the return of Glory on the Grass 5V5 to Boyce Park on Saturday, August 1, 2020. Registration to open in April 2020.


What is the registration fee?

The per team rate is $175 per team, with a roster size of 10 max, when you take advantage of the early registration discount.

How many players are on the field? 

Four field players and a goalkeeper, although you can play with three field players. There must be a keeper on the field. Exception is U6 and U8 teams who play to smaller goals and not use keepers.

What is the roster size?

Maximum roster size is TEN players.

What is the playing surface?

The playing surface is a standard hardwood gym floor. Please change in to your playing shoes when you get into the facility to protect the floor.

Is this tournament for local teams only?

You can put a team together from your community, or you can have players from multiple communities.

How long are the games?

Games are 18 minutes long with a running clock.

I have a coed team. What division do they play?

All coed teams will be placed in the boys division for the respective age group. Boys cannot play on a girls team, but girls can play on a boys team.

What are the GOLD and SILVER Divisions?

In order to keep the tournament fair and as competitive as possible, we have two levels of play.

Teams comprised of Rec and Travel players should enroll in the SILVER division.

Teams made up of Travel and Academy/Classic/Cup players should enroll in the GOLD division. If you are a really good team of Rec and Travel players, you may enroll in the GOLD Division.

I have some players who do not play in PA West. Will that be an issue?

We accept all players regardless of any affiliations.

When are final rosters required?

Final rosters are due at check-in before your first game is to be played. You cannot add any player or players after your roster has been turned in at onsite registration.

What are the uniform requirements?

Uniform requirements are simple...all players must have the same color shirt. Numbers and team name/logos are optional. Goalkeeper must be in a different color than the field players. Shinguards are required, and it is recommended that all players socks match as well.

How do I determine the age group?

You must register your team based on the age group of the oldest player on the roster. Proof of age is required at check-in. Player cards, driver’s license, birth certificates and passports are acceptable documents for age verification.


Glory on the Grass 5V5 Age Groups

Glory on the Grass 5V5 will have age groups by birth year in the following years:








2003/2002 (HS-1)

2001/2000 (HS-2)

Male Age 20 and over 

Male Age 30 and over 

Female Age 20 and over 

Female Age 30 and over

You will register for an age group based on the birth year of your oldest player. Girls can play on boys teams in a boys division. Boys cannot play on a girls team...they will be placed in a boys division.

We reserve the right to combine age groups to make a division.

    Glory on the Grass

    We started Glory on the Grass Tournaments after looking for tournaments that featured a 5V5 format in the area and found none. 

    5V5 is BIG in England, and we found options in the eastern side of the state and up and down the east coast, but they were too far to attend. 

    We have experience running soccer tournaments and leagues, and felt that, in light of the US Youth Soccer changes, the area needed some 5V5 tournaments!

    Kris Schemm

    Glory on the Grass 5V5

    Social Media